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13 July 2013

Find Your Voice Workshop - week 3

Wow I can't believe I'm actually keeping up with this lol.  Usually I'm not so good at goals in my creative life.  I think it's because I'm trying to reach goals at work and home and - as usual I put myself lower down on the list.

This week was all about What Are Your Goals?  Well, so far I'm doing well on my goal - I'm actually keeping up lol.  My other goals are telling stories that were passed down to me and those of my younger self.  I want to put down on paper my memories and my stories.  I'm good at taking pictures but putting them in something and following through on the story isn't something I tend to do much - life seems to get in the way.

The creative prompt this week was to create something to make you happy.  I chose to create some journal pages.  My daughter helped with the first -- quite funny as she doesn't consider herself artsy anymore - back when she was younger she was and she enjoying creating art.

I enjoyed doing these as they are colourful,. messy, creative, using new techniques and just plain make me feel good lol.

I took it a little further with the next page and added the pictures and journaling.  The place below is one of my favourite places to visit in Ipswich.  It's just plain beautiful and peaceful and it's certainly a place that makes me feel happy and relaxed.

I do need to find some theme because as of now my ideas are flitting all over the place!

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