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03 July 2013

WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) - 1st timer lol

This is my first time posting to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW - though I have been visiting the other sites for a while.  I don't actually have a workdesk per say.  I work on the dining room table.  It seems like I'm the only one who must be doing that lol.  Most of the sites I visit people seem to have some really nice craft rooms - I WISH!!  Someday perhaps.  My 'kids' are all still home.  They are all young adults who haven't seem to have flown the nest yet.  Daughter (youngest) is the closest to leaving - she's in Uni in another city) but home for the summer and though she plans on leaving for an apartment at the end of August her room at home will still be full of her stuff. 

Anyway here's the mess that is my table and the things I'm working on.

The above is the cover of my 'About Me' book.  This is the same book that has the washi tape edges (as described in previous post).   BTW there is a bigger mess around that top picture - I was just being nice by not including it lol. 


  1. Lovely to have you join in! Believe me,there are lots who use their dining room tables, the floor, their laps or even a cupboard! We don't care where you craft, as long as you share what you are up to! WELCOME! #49

  2. I used to craft on the dining room table and desk, and fill the dining room with stash, so much so that when DH wanted to extend the house but didn't know what for I said a craft room!

    Welcome to WOYWW, you might not want to visit back, it is scary!

    Cazzy x

  3. Welcome to WOYWW!! It's fun to get a looksie at what everyone else is up to. I started out on a dining room table myself. But, hey, at least you have somewhere to be able to create. :-) Brigita #139

  4. YaY - hello and welcome to WOYWW :-)
    I know lots of people who started on the table but we soon progress to taking over whole rooms hahaha LoL
    Lovely to visit you :-D

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xx # 30

  5. I used to work on the kitchen table and work tops, was a real pain to clear up each time. Only this year did I manage to get OH to help me sort my own room. My daughter is leaving (again) tomorrow, she is 22 and moving in with boyfriend, another art room? better not count my chickens yet.

    Lynda x #94

    ps welcome to WOYWW, last week was my first time.

  6. Thanks so much for the welcome! Glad to see I'm not the only one using the table lol

  7. Hi Sharon
    Welcome to WOYWW and don't worry about not having a craft room or a craft desk, not everyone does but it is just having a space to do some crafting that really matters.
    I look forward to seeing the things you make
    Happy WOYWW enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #52

  8. We work where there is space. You certainly aren't the only one who crafts at the dining table. I've seen several right here on WOYWW. And there are some of us who have that space, but don't blog, like me, who appreciate seeing your space no matter where it is! Thanks for sharing, and don't worry, the time when your nest is empty will come way too soon! Then you'll be wishing they were back home! :-)