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30 March 2010

Happy Tuesday...

...well, it's really not been a bad day so I can't complain. Whenever I think about writing this I feel I should be writing something witty and interesting. Can't really say my life is interesting (see title of this blog).

Work was uneventful. Lots of impatient people - as always. I work as a bookkeeper in a store (I do have a fancy title but it's of little importance). Basically I go in before the butt-crack of dawn (3.30am) get all the tills ready before the store opens at 6am. I watch the service desk until 7am when the person who works there comes in and then I go do my balancing, paperwork (a LOT of it) and am basically on call for all kinds of problems and stuff until a manager comes in. I deal with too many impatient people, get paid a pittance (literally) and come away tired and grumpy. But, hey, a job is a job and here in Michigan where we have one of the highest - if not highest - unemployment rate in the country I'm not going to complain. Especially as I get paid holidays, insurance isn't too much and I am one of only 3 people in our store who can do my job. The others are part-timers who are my back-ups and can do the basics. I am replacable and I know it - so not boasting here.

I got my DVD in the post today from Netflix. Coronation Street - a celebration of 40 years. For those of you who aren't English Coronation Street is a soap that I grew up with. There were lots of familiar characters and a good laugh in general. Sadly my kids who grew up here in the States didn't know what I was laughing at. Even now on my yearly trip home to England I always watch Coronation Street and Eastenders (another favourite).

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