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14 March 2010

Time Change? Can I afford to miss an hour of sleep????

I HATE the Spring forward time change. I hate giving up that extra hour of sleep. I had to work this morning so I got up before the time change as I have to be at work by 3.30am. The teenagers were still up - they had 'forgotten' about the time change. Grrrrr..... So in the blink of an eye I lost an hour. Now that I'm home from work don't have a lot of energy left. Had to go shopping today after work (just what I wanted to do) but it's out of the way and I won't have to go tomorrow after work.

Update on the stitching - I've almost finished another page. Okay, so it wasn't a very big page, but it's almost done which means I'm closer to be finished.

Update on reading - still reading SKINWALKER by Faith Hunter. It's my read-at-work book right now.

Other stuff - going to book my trip home this week. It's Mothering Sunday in England today so missing Mum and really looking forward to seeing her soon. The book purging on Ebay is going well so the spending fund is looking quite healthy.

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