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31 March 2010

Had to Rush out...

...and buy the new Patricia Briggs MERCY THOMPSON novel. I couldn't wait. I had it on hold at my local B&N yesterday but it wasn't ready until after DH was already home and I was feeling too icky to go get it. Last night my sinus' started acting up - felt as though I'd inhaled water. You know the feeling...burning...caused a headache = yuck.

Anyway went to get it this morning (day off). I picked up another couple books that I'll post about later. The new Mercy Thompson was my real reason for going to the bookstore. SILVER BORNE. Read it all in one sitting. LOVED IT! I haven't picked up one of these books that I didn't like. The only thing I wasn't too sure about was the Samuel resolution (no spoilers here) but it seemed a bit quick and hurried.

The rest of the book was a delight. I loved the plot, the interaction between Mercy and Adam and the rest of the pack. I also loved the storyline about Samuel (at least until the ending).

Mercy is a coyote. Adam is alpha of the local pack of Werewolves. She seems to get in lots of trouble. In this one she is called concerning a missing friend. The Fae seem to be involved. This is a GREAT paranormal/urban fantasy read. I would recommend reading the other books first before reading this one.

That's it for now.

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