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27 June 2012

Been too long...

Am I bad at this or what?  It's been SO long since I've written.  My mum's visit has come and gone.  We had a lot of fun but time was short and it went too quickly.  However - good news - I am planning an England trip in October to see her. We will be going to the Cross stitching show up in London.  Something to look forward to.

On another note -  my ankle still isn't better.  I did it on April 20th and still hurting.  I am now in a boot cast/brace thingy - doc is hoping keeping it perfectly still will heal it. 

I do have pics to share (promise) of our trip to Northern Michigan.  Things are just so crazy around here lately.  Trying to get through each date with the foot thingy while being on my feet 8 hours a day working.  Sigh.  I will try to dig out some pics.

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