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23 October 2012

Photos and mumblings

Finally getting back in the grove of things and my cold is finally clearing up.  Seems strange to be back to work - nothing has changed and I already need another holiday!  Sadly no more time left this year.  Groan.  Back to the grind.

GOALS (told you this was a mumblings post)

Cut down our food bill!!!!!  I would really love to go part time and know we could do it money ways IF we could cut back on our food bill.  When I was home we spent at least half what we spend now because there is no planning and, if there is, no one wants to cook that day.  I have planned meals for three days this week!  Now I just have to do it and stick to it (something I'm not really good at).

BTW I added a couple more books to my read pile.  I'm not up to date but - once again - not good at sticking to it :)

Pic below - Trafalgar Square early in the evening.  I loved the play of light/darkness on the water features. 

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