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10 August 2013

Find Your Voice Workshop 5

Number one I'm behind.  I really meant to keep up with this but life is getting in the way.  I haven't given up completely and am still plodding along at my own pace.

Lesson Five is another difficult one for me but I suppose that's part of the challenge.  We are supposed to be stretching ourselves, looking for our dreams and going beyond our comfort zone.  Some of that for me is putting things out there that I wouldn't normally share or things that I've thought about doing but just haven't.

This lesson was about exploring your design style - looking to which artists inspire you and, while not copying them, try to work out what it is about their art that inspires you.  I have to admit I don't really have any particular artists that I tend to gravitate towards, but there are some styles that inspire me.  I particularly enjoy black and white photography.  There is something starkly beautiful about black and white photographs, simple but dramatic.  I would like to incorporate more black and white photography in my journaling/scrapbooking work.

 I love the starkness of these photographs - from the top one of my cat Shadow to the icon Tower Bridge in London.  I'm going back to England soon to visit my Mum and I am going to make it a goal to take more pictures.

I would love to learn how to alter my photographs more and turn them into artworks.  I saw some pictures while I was surfing the net of black and white photos with one element in colour.  This seems to add more pop to the photograph.  I don't have a Photoshop program and the trial I downloaded wouldn't let me layer, so I think I might have to seriously consider investing in Photoshop Elements 11.

I am going to print off some of these pics and incorporate them into a journal page.  There are so many stories I can tell about each one.  It's time to start writing it all down!

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