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02 February 2014

So neglectful

I haven't posted for a while.  I think things are getting to me again.  Winter seems to be dragging on.  I hate moaning but it's been so cold and snowy and I have definitely had enough of getting up in the morning and seeing snow on my car.

I can't wait for Spring!

It's Groundhog's Day but apparently the groundhog saw his shadow so we're apparently in for six more weeks of winter.  Groan.

On the plus side I have been doing some baking today.  I made these lovely Peanut Butter Cupcakes.

Last weekend I made from scratch Brownies, Cini-mini muffins and Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Winter is a good excuse to bake (if you needed one!) - makes the house warm and smell really, really good.

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