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31 December 2010


Wow - I can't believe it's been months since I've posted - how time flies!!!!

I can't believe it's New Years Eve again. This year has flown by!

I AM going to write more next year - one of my goals. I'll post more tomorrow. I'm trying desperately to stay awake as I'm going to work as soon as I've seen in the New Year with my family. I've already 'had' my New Year's Eve. For years Mum and I have been spending the new year together. She's in England so the New Year there happens five hours ahead. Round about 6.50pm (EST) we get on the phone and chat and both listen to Big Ben striking in the New Year. It's always good to be able to say 'See you later this year' as the new year begins and I have a visit to look forward to.

This year Mum almost missed it. She hadn't rung by about 6.55pm so I rang her - and WOKE HER UP! She'd fallen asleep - it's the first year that's happened.

Well, I'll post more tomorrow (after work). I have goal plans for the coming year. I really need motivation too so writing down and keeping up with goals will (hopefully) help with that. For all of you adventurous revellers out there - have a safe and good night!

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