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02 January 2011


I survived the day at work New Year's Day - so tired yesterday. I came home from work and slept for about 3 hours - should have slept longer. I felt like a zombie all day.

TODAY... I feel almost normal. Phew. Now for the plans/goals for the New Year.

EXERCISE - I was doing good there for a while, but I got out of the routine and exercise is sparodic at best. I have to get back into the routine. It's that first step that's the hardest.

WRITING - I want to start writing more. I really enjoy doing it - fiction and blog - but I need the motivation to get moving. I need a dose of confidence too. I've written stories and such for as long as I can remember but I rarely show the writing to anyone. I think I fear the rejection. I need to have faith in myself. I don't think I've ever been confident about anything.

SPIRITUALITY - I need to learn more, to take the time to read and practise my faith. This is another area of my life where I need some confidence. I shouldn't care what people think, but I do. A part of me is afraid that if people found out about my beliefs they would not speak to me again. I know this is not just a problem for people of Pagan beliefs, but I think this faith is so misunderstood that people jump to conclusions. People who know me now shouldn't think less of me if they find out my beliefs but - sad to say - I know there are people who would.

FAMILY/MARRIAGE - need to work on this and that's all I'm prepared to say. I think this might be the make or break year.

STITCHING - I want to do more. I really enjoyed stitching and it was a big part of my life for a long time. Since I started work full time the things I find enjoyable have been pushed to the background and I feel as though I'm just running on automatic - going to work, coming home and dealing with home stuff, going to bed and starting all over again. I need to take time out for me.

BOOKS - I have to get the growing mound of books under control. I'm addicted to buying books. I'm seriously thinking about buying a NOOK but I love the feel of books, the comfort of them. Not sure I could give them up completely. I do have to tackle the MOUNTAIN of books in my room. It's beginning (note I say beginning) to resemble something out of a Hoarders episode.

If there is anything else I'll add later, but I think that's more than a good start. Hopefully I'll post more and keep on top of my goals.

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