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10 January 2011

Dentist - yuck!

I hate going to the dentist. In fact I really, really dislike going to the dentist to the point of putting it off and not going for a long time. Last year one of my unwritten goals was to go back to the dentist. I was growing very concerned for the state of my teeth - didn't want to end up toothless in a few years!

I did get up the courage round about September and took the first step. I found somewhere that specialises in chickens - yes, people like me. Between then and now I've had quite a few appointments - I have a LOT of work to be done (as I can afford to have it done).

Today I had to go back for more fillings - three teeth in the front. I am proud of myself for going. I know people go to the dentist all the time and a lot of people can't understand the fear, but for some of us it's real. I've put my mind to it to keep going and plan to keep it up. I have to. There is no choice.

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