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05 January 2011

Battle of the books

Ok, so here's the thing - I did sort through quite a few of the paperbackswap books and also sorted out some more books to either list on there or donate. I figured there's no good listing them at PBS if there are a gazillion of them already listed - better to donate then. So I checked the stock and made a box (small but still a box) of books to donate. I feel a lot better.

On the downside I did buy another book - couldn't help myself. I almost - ALMOST - stopped at Barnes and Noble but managed to pass on by. I did actually go through the car park and out the other side (I was VERY tempted) but I avoided the place. My downfall was when I was buying groceries and there was a book calling my name and it was only 5.99 not the 7.99 list price so - SIGH - I gave in and bought it.

I now have a paperback copy of Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison.

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