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16 January 2011

Anyone else....

...tired of snow? I don't know where you are but here in Michigan I can't remember the last time I saw anything other than snow. It's this time of the year that I begin to think the cold and snow will never end. It's dark and cold in the morning and dark and cold in the evening. Our driveway is covered with snow and ice. It's usually dirt (or mud, depending on the season) and even snowblowing doesn't clear it completely.


I can't wait until Spring. It's one of my favourite seasons - Spring and Autumn. I think it's because of the signalling of times changing. Autumn is cooler, colourful and signals the end of the summer, the coming of the harvest and then winter. Spring signals the ending of the long winter months, more sunshine and warmer temperatures. I love seeing the renewal of life and the promise of things to come. There is just so much promise in spring.

It is that thought that keeps me going through the long winter months. When the winter solstice comes I automatically look forward to the days getting longer. Once the shortest day is over there is no where to go but up. It just seems like it takes forever to get there!

I would post more but got to go get my DD and her friend from the mall (my least favourite place in town). They went shopping for a friend and are ready to be picked up. Take care.

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