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31 July 2011

Ren Faire visit (Saturday)

We went to the Ren Faire in our area yesterday. It was a beautiful day but very hot. We all ended up with some colour (some of us more red than others!). It was a family trip for us. We don't seem to do many of those anymore. The 'kids' are no longer kids - #1 son is 21, #2 son is 19 and #3 daughter is 17. My oldest is working out of town for the summer coming home for weekends - at least until Uni starts again. So it was nice for us all to get out together.

I love the Ren Faire. We try to go every year. There are some great performers and lots to see. My hubby and the 3 'kids' ended up in the gaol. Really funny. They had to hock Beer, Lemonade, Root Beer and food (Hubby) to be 'released'. I did take pics. After this post I'm going to post my favourite perfomance. It's worth a post of its own :)

My DD and Son#1 in gaol.

Son #2 brought before the 'court'

Son #1 and Hubby in gaol.

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