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24 July 2011


Ug. I did not miss working on Sundays while I was on my hols!

It's been as hot as ever at work. I was hoping they would have got some sort of air conditioning in my office while I was away, but no such luck! It was almost 100F in there most of the week. Apparently they are 'working on it' - I think that means I might have it by winter! It's a really small office with lots of computer equiptment in it and I can't have the door open as it is the cash office and has the safe in it.

BLOGS - I always feel like we spend loads of money unnecessarily. It seemed that when I wasn't working (or working part-time) we - or perhaps I - was a lot more frugal. I was careful about food buying, careful about spending money and how much bills are. But now it seems that it's not such a concern. I'm not saying we're rich, or my job pays a lot, but we are better off than we have been in the past. Anyway, the point of this rant (yes, there is a point)is that once in a while I like to look for inspiration.

There are so many blogs out there about frugality. I'm not looking to become the next Extreme Couponer but I would like to see how other people save and how they enjoy it. I started off reading one of my favourite blogs and hitting her favourite blogs. There are lots to pick from! Happily this is an English blogger so makes me feel a little more at home :)

WILL POST MORE LATER - internet is really slow! It's been acting up the last few days.

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  1. Good luck becoming more frugal. I could use that too!! I sympathize with the slow internet. My mom used to have DSL, and her computer drove me nuts!! Sorry to hear it's been so hot at work. It would kill me, literally. My asthma starts acting up as soon as it hits eighty one or two. At a hundred, I'd be using my inhaler constantly!! Hope it cools down there SOON!!!!