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17 February 2012


one of THOSE days today.  Said it before but I go to work really early (3.30am) and it was bad from the beginning.  At 6am I had really had enough, was pretty upset and ready to go home.  One of the managers came in and went in the cash office (where I work), I gave him some privacy (because I was pretty ticked off and he knew it), he came out of the office AND...I tried to go back in and COULDN'T OPEN THE DOOR!!! 

Of course, this is a secure space as it has the safe and all the dosh in it.  There is no other way to get into the office.  The boss calls security at corporate who said someone would call at some point.  That is NOT good!  Boss tried to break in.  Took a hammer to the doorknob - made me cringe!  By this point I am ready to go home and cry.  Just the straw that broke the camel's back. 

The maintenance man was coming in at seven am.  He had to literally bang and hack at the doorknob until it came out of its hole.  We then basically had just the door with nothing to close it or lock it.  So I could not leave the office at all. 

Grrr...urggg... glad the day is over.  I blame it all on my hubby (grin) as he called at 6am and when I told him what a shitty day I was having he said 'just think it can't get any worse, can it?'

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