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20 September 2013


Been back a week and it doesn't seem like it.  I miss Mum and I miss home.  Doesn't matter how many years I live away it's always home.  Sigh.  Still haven't talked to anyone at work about cutting down on hours.  I was all ready to do it, the manager was there, then about 9am she left for the day!

Pictures today are courtesy of my Mum's back window.  She lives in an upstairs flat.  There is only one person below and nobody above.  She has the most glorious sunsets out of her kitchen window.  I always take a picture every year I go.  I even have a pic up on my living room wall of the sunset out her kitchen window.  The one I saw this year was stunning.  The sky was actually almost purple - the pictures are the actual colour the sky was.  Just beautiful!

I love the silhouette look of the houses in the background.  Really stunning!

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