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15 September 2013

Rain, Rain...

Last day of my holiday before I go back to work and it's raining - yuk!  Chilly, too.

I have decisions to make - continue as I am in a job that makes me miserable and tired or drop down to part time.  I have to make the decision soon as it is driving me crazy and I can't go on keep thinking about it.  Not going to ramble on much but the big decision is taking me so long because of two things a) insurance - I am carrying insurance for us all.  We can get it through hubby's job but while not any more expensive it's not as good  and b) I actually like the job just not the bs that goes along with it, working (almost) every holiday and (almost) every Sunday.  I'm leaning towards part-time but haven't taken the final leap - YET.

Anyway - enough whinging.  Back to my hols.

One of my favourite places in Ipswich is Christchurch Park.  It is in the middle of the town centre.  The park is 70 acres.  There is a beautiful Tudor Mansion in the park too.  It's a gorgeous place to visit and on nice days the park is well used and lots of people sit and eat their lunch.  In front of the mansion is an expanse of grass where people either sit or play football.

The Mansion itself has a museum and art gallery inside.  Admission is free.  I remember going there a lot as a child and so does my Mum.  I still love going there.

I'll post pics tomorrow of the pond and birds that we walked around in the park.  It's quite a walk as you can imagine!

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