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07 July 2014

I got a tattoo!

My lovely daughter decided that we needed to have matching tattoos done when she came to visit this weekend.  I have been thinking of it for a while - just because.  She wanted a fairy.  We both looked and looked and finally came up with one that we could agree on.  She was the one who looked into different tattoo shops but I did check their hours lol (because of the holiday).  She made us an appointment for the 3rd so I couldn't chicken out.  I don't know what she thought but she made me go first.

The place we went to was Art and Soul in Portage.  I was impressed at how clean it was lol.  The guy we had - Luke - was great.  I had mine done on my leg - opposite the ankle where I had surgery and daughter had hers done on her arm.  As I am in my forties I wanted it done somewhere where I wouldn't sag lol (or wasn't already!).  It didn't hurt as much as I thought.  Because of the way my foot was positioned my bad ankle hurt worse than the tattoo lol as it was being pushed on. 

The worst thing is the aftercare - washing, patting dry and putting on lotion several times a day.  It stings a little afterward but nothing major.

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