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16 July 2010


A night alone! Hubby took all 3 kids (well, they are not really kids - 20, 18 & 16) to a music festival up in Lansing to see Alice Cooper. It's a really hot day here so I made sure they took sunscreen with them - don't want to hear no grumbling about sunburn - especially as I remember how it felt when my feet burnt recently.

So what did I do for the night?

Well I have to admit it was kind of weird. I complain (sometimes) about wanting the house completely to myself, but it was really quiet. At our house there is always someone home and usually someone awake. The two older 'kids' are in Uni and are on summer break (one is taking a class and they both work) but usually one of them is awake when I get up before the butt-crack of dawn. There is always someone awake and there is always noise. Not tonight.

I felt lost for a while. Both the dog and cat are camped out as close to the one window air conditioner that we do have. The cat has taken up a permanent place except for eating and doing his business, in front of the air conditioner and he doesn't seem the least bothered that the dog isn't far behind him. Usually they can't stand one another. Ben, the black lab, is afraid of the teeny-tiny cat (well, he's not really that little but he is a LOT smaller than Ben).

I ended up listening to one of my favourite radio shows - Chris Moyles on radio one and surfing the web for thrifty websites (I'm going to need to be extra-thrifty after the amount of money spent on the concert). There are some really neat ones out there, especially crafty ones. I might list a few tomorrow.

I'm now blogging in between watching A PLACE OF EXECUTION based on a Val McDermid book. Love her writing and her mysteries - have to say that Wire in the Blood is a fav of mine.

Back to watching the show....

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