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11 July 2010

Not so witty Sunday....

It's been a while...

Whenever I think about writing in my blog (usually before the crack of dawn when I'm all alone at work) I come up with some rather witty entries - if I do say so myself. The only problem is by the time I get home and my computer is beneath my fingertips every witty word I thought of has disappeared. I call it a brain fart. I tend to have them a lot. I like to write stories too and I always seem to have the best ideas at the most inopportune time.

WORLD CUP - I have been addicted. No, I'm not ashamed to say it. I have watched almost every match and tivo'd those I couldn't watch. How sad is that? I was disappointed when England got kicked out so early, but kept watching. Today was the final. Paul, the Octopus, predicted Spain would win and they did. The game was sadly lacking excitement. There were a LOT of yellow cards (fouls) and a Dutch player got sent off as he ended up with 2 yellow cards. I had been hoping for some drama, some near misses, maybe lots of goals. Nope. It's all over for another 4 years. :(

STITCHING - sad to say I haven't been doing too much of that either. I'm still working on a little freebie I found online. I'll post a picture soon.

READING - have been doing a LOT of that. I've been on a paranormal kick, but am trying to clear out some books so have been reading a few of the mysteries I have. The last two I read were Dipped, Stripped and Dead and French Polished Murder both by Elise Hyatt. They feature a newly-divorced Mum, Dyce Dare and her fledgling business Daring Finds. There are a whole bunch of hilarious characters and the mystery is fun. They are well worth a read! Fun to read out in the garden on a sunny, not-too-hot afternoon.

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