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17 August 2010

Beach Trip!

I had a lot of fun taking the pics the other weekend so we made a plan to take a trip to Lake Michigan after I'd finished with work on Sunday. The lake is about an hour away but I finish work about noon (start at 3.30am). Of course there was a DOWNPOUR right when I was getting ready to leave work. We took a chance as the weather looked to be bright - good decision!

It was warm and hot and sunny. We took a nice walk along the beach, the pier to the Lighthouse and up into the town where there are a few small shops. I was brave (for me) as I don't like being above water. I can swim well, but I hate going on bridges or boats that are over water. My reoccuring nightmare is of being on a beach with the tide coming in around me until there is nothing but me surrounded by water. I have a fear of drowning - perhaps in another life I drowned. I can't watch disaster boat movies either - nope, never watched Titanic - and if my hubby ever takes me on a cruise I know he's trying to kill me!

Here are some pics of South Haven

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