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08 August 2010

Sunday Post....

We went to the Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire yesterday. It was a good day out. The mosquitos were out in force and we all have the bites to prove it.

It was the last weekend of the Faire. We picked this one as one of my favourite performers/groups were on - Bocca Musica. Check out their website!

I got some GREAT pics! The weather was great and the performances were fun.

The above guys are The Knights of Mayhem.

The above two pics are of Thomas Wood. He's a juggler extraordinaire and fire eater. Great performance and hilariously funny!

Bocca Musica. Love their drinking songs. Missed the 'Adult' show this year but all their shows are great!

The Rogues. Their music was hauntingly beautiful. It reminded me of the greenary of England. They played Celtic Music and it was spellbinding!

Rogue Blades. Another hilariously funny show.

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