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07 August 2010

Been a while...

Wow it's been a while since I wrote. I've been feeling a little down in the dumps. Several things all piling up. I haven't talked to my Mum in a while (have wrote emails) but I miss her and miss talking to her. Her sister has been over from Australia to visit and I haven't called as I don't know what they are up to and with the time difference (Mum is in England) it isn't always easy to figure things out.

Work is okay but I've had enough of some things. Customers have just seemed to be rude and impatient lately. I work as an Office Specialist (fancy title for a bookkeeper) in a grocery store. Not only do I have my own job to do but I double, triple, quadruple as a bagger, cashier, service manager all with cut-down help. One of my back-ups just left so I have one back-up who can do my job on my days off and that person wants three weekends off next month - guess where that leaves me? I'm thinking of quitting or looking for another job but then I feel selfish as there are lots of people without jobs. Sigh.

On top of all that I have PMT this week and feel like bursting into tears at the littlest thing. I have to talk to my boss and don't want to do it while I feel like this - nothing worse than bursting into tears at work.

Enough bitching - I have some pics to read which I'll post next.

If anyone is out there in cyberland reading - thanks - just writing helps!

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