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13 May 2011

Did I miss it???

Spring? Did I miss it? We went to cold weather with snow, very dreary and suddenly HEAT! It was 80-something yesterday and even with the windows open we were toasty warm. It's a little too soon to get the window air conditioners out. Let's be honest - I'd like a couple smaller bills before the air conditioner ones begin and this IS Michigan - we could be back to freezing temps tomorrow!

With Spring - or nicer weather - comes Garage Sales. I always seem to go to more at the beginning of the season. It's fun to see what everyone else is getting rid of. Afterall one man's trash is another man's treasure. We didn't have these when I was in England. The added bonus of England is that there are lots of Charity shops to poke about it - especially if the weather isn't too nice.

Back when I was a SAHM I used to hit the sales on Fridays, but now I'm working most of them have been picked over by the time I get done. Sigh. I miss those days!

However, today I did hit a couple thrift stores. I picked up some nice cross stitch mags - some Just Cross Stitch, The Stitchery and Stoney Creek.


  1. It seems like that to me too. One day it's cold and nasty, the next it's hot and humid, and we never got any nice weather for spring. This year we had decent temps, but horrible rain, so it was icky. Hope you get some spring sometime!!

  2. Always love finding a nice pile of mags in thrift store (or charity shop as we call them over here). Nothing nicer than sitting down for an hour with a cup of tea and pile of reading matter.