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19 May 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Wow - I can't believe another year has passed! When I first started writing this blog I was getting ready to turn 40. Now I'm 41!! Where did the time go? This time last year I was in England celebrating with my Mum and sisters. I didn't get to talk to my Mum today -- she's in Spain visiting her sister. We only have another 5 weeks until we leave and I will get to see Mum.

Anyway - I picked up my DD early from HS and we went out to lunch and to see the movie Bridesmaids. It was such a good movie! I found it really, really funny and sad in parts.

DD is cutting up Strawberries for afters - we are having cake and ice cream at my MIL's on Sunday and I didn't want cake again today. All in all a nice day!


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  1. Glad you had a good birthday, and happy birthday, belated!!