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04 May 2011


I'm feeling a bit better today. Just seemed so overwhelmed yesterday. I thought things would get easier as kids got older but sometimes it seems harder and sometimes they just make me cry. I was so overwhelmed yesterday and tired and I'd had enough. I am counting days down to my holiday. I really need a break.

I was on a cleaning frenzy today - actually pulled out the computer desk and cleaned behind (you so do not want to know what I found!) and I cleaned off my dresser (finally). I put some in donate box and others in find-another-place-to-keep box. I uncovered a bunch of cross stitch fabric (told you it was a big mess). I'll take pics of the fabric and post tomorrow.

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  1. Some days it just seems like it's all too much. And other days, everything is wonderful. Here's hoping you have more wonderful days and less crying days!!