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15 May 2011

Sunday Catch-up

I forgot to post a picture of the cake my DD made me for Mother's Day last Sunday. Quite a surprise to come home from work and see her making it. They also got me a new MP3 player as I washed my smaller (and cheaper one) in the washing machine. I take it to work to listen to before anyone arrives and had it in my pocket when I put my trousers in the machine. Aaaaarrrrgggg! I didn't want to spend the money on a new one as I am saving for my hols. I missed listening to the Scott Mills podcast - a show I download from the BBC website.

I try to let Mother's day slip past quietly as I miss my Mum terribly. I see her once a year. Right now I'm trying to focus on the fact that it's next month that I go home! Yeah!

I stayed at work an extra hour today as I had work to catch up on and this week I am taking some time off for my birthday. I am having four days in a row off - Thursday thru Sunday - haven't had that much time off since this time last year! I also have Tuesday off as I have to go to Grand Rapids to have my Green Card renewed - groan.

Now that I'm home I'm sitting down to watch Hoarders. While watching I started wandering around the web looking at thrifty websites and all the goodies people found. People seem to find all kinds of treasures at Garage Sales, Car Boot sales and thrift/charity shops. My DD actually found a nice handbag on Saturday for $3. She was after something to carry the spare camera lens while she was taking pictures for the school newspaper at the prom. We ended up at a Goodwill store. I was really suprised to see so many people there!

Anybody else find any treasures?

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  1. No treasures for me. Usually, when I go to my Goodwill Store, I come home with a stack of books and movies, lol. That's more my style! The cake looks really good. I'm sure I gained ten pounds just looking at it, lol. I didn't see my mom on Sunday either. I was quite sick, and didn't want to pass it on to her!