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07 May 2011

Wassup for the weekend???

I actually have two days in a row off - Friday and Saturday. I'm SO excited! I think I need more of them. I actually feel like I got stuff done and had time to relax.

Friday - I cleaned out a whole stack in my room. I'm letting go of more books. I've got three boxes sorted to either donate or Ebay. I realise I can't read them all and perhaps decluttering a little will give me the space to relax. I actually feel good about what I got accomplised. I had time yesterday to go shopping with my DD and I actually picked up some clothes. There was a great sale at Kohls and we had an extra 15% off coupon. I hate clothes shopping but I am going to need new stuff for my holiday and don't want to procrastinate and leave it until the week we go. I actually ended up buying more than my DD (which is an amazing thing as she's 17 and loves shopping.

Saturday YARD SALES! There is one neighbourhood sale in our city that I absolutely love and it was this weekend. The sale is great because A) you can park and walk and B) there is something for everyone. I stayed away from bringing a bunch more clutter into the house, but I did find some cross stitch leaflets. My best find was a bunch of Prairie Schooler leaflets and some Just Cross Stitch Ornament issues.

I haven't forgotten about fabric pictures - getting ready to take pics now and post. I found a bunch more when I decluttered yesterday but I'm only going to take pics of the stuff I 'uncovered' on my dresser.

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