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20 August 2012


Can't believe how time has flown!

The Olympics are over and done with.  I ended up watching the ending ceremony live on my computer - once again they didn't show live on American TV.  I must be getting old - recognised all of the 'golden oldies' - from George Michael, The Pet Shop Boys and Annie Lennox.  They were just starting out when I was sliding into my teens.

How the years have passed!  My oldest just celebrated his twenty-third birthday and my youngest heads off to college in a few days.  I'll miss her.  She's the only girl and we do a bunch of stuff together but now it's time for her to spread her wings and learn to fly.  I am SO very proud of her and excited for her.  She is starting off on her own adventure, moving out (not quite on her own but with a room mate in a dorm), but it's all new for her.  She's going to college and she has the chance to do something marvelous with her life.  I married young (when I was her age) and had 3 kids by the time I was my oldest son's age.  I don't want that for her.  I want her to have more.  To do something bright and exciting, to go places and explore.  I wish all that for her.  She's a really smart young lady (hey, that makes me sound really old!). 

This summer she's been helping out the 90+ year old Great Aunt of my Father-in-Law.  My in-laws had asked if - instead of her getting a regular job for the summer (which was slow coming) - that she come over and help Aunt for an hour or so each day, drive her to hair appointments, shopping and put in her eye drops.  For a 90-something lady Aunt can still walk around and is in general good health.  DD has spent time with her, played with the cat Aunt just adopted and played cards with Aunt.  Today DD says when she was over Aunt cried because she was going to miss her. 

It seems like she'll be an ocean away (like I am with my Mum) but it's only a couple of hours drive.

Here's wishing DD a good school year.  May she have lots of fun and make lots of new friends. 


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