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30 August 2012


Seems kind of quiet without DD.  I will get used to it :)  I pulled out some cross stitch -  shock horror - haven't done any for a while but figured I might get started again to keep myself occupied.  I jumped right in and began working on a large piece again.  Hopefully I'll have a pic update again.  I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

Today's picture is of East Channel Lighthouse.  It's a picture I took on our trip up to Northern Michigan.  I took several pics of Lighthouses, something I never thought I would be interested in. They are interesting buildings though.  Most of them have lots of history.  I think East Channel is one of my favourites.  I wouldn't mind taking a holiday there though I don't think it's open anymore.  Bit of history below and then my pic.

The Lighthouse sits on Grand Island up near Munising.  It was opened in 1868 and is made of wood.  As it is difficult to get to - I believe the island itself has holiday homes on but is not inhabitated all year round - the lighthouse was closed down in (year varies) 1908 or 1913.  The lighthouse was severly neglected and damaged due to erosion.  In 2005 volunteers worked for 30 days straight to build seawall. Restoration is now complete.  The Lighthouse is privately owned

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