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23 August 2012

Balloons, Balloons and more Balloons!

This past weekend we took one last family trip before DD leaves this weekend for college.  The Ren Faire near us has been canceled this year!  Sob, sob!  Usually there is one really close to us and really fun to go to.  We decided to travel a little over 2 hours to hit the Ren Faire at Holly, Michigan.  It's the Mid Michigan Ren Faire and is held on permanent grounds in Holly.  I have lots of pics of that to share - that will be tomorrow's project. 

On our way to the Ren Faire we passed by a beautiful sight of loads of colourful balloons in the air.  I guess there was a Balloon Fest going on somewhere.  It was difficult getting pictures as we were driving on the motorway at the time but I think a couple of them showed up well.

I opened a Photoshop account today and decided to play with one or two of them (another reason for the delay on Ren Faire pics)

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