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25 August 2012

More DD and Ren Faire

DD will be leaving in the am.  I think it's finally hitting her and she's a little (well, maybe more than a little) stressed.  We have most of the stuff packed but she seems to think it's a lot.  She is moving out and I don't think it's really that much.  Not sure what the size is of her dorm room though.

I guess they have a 20 min unloading thing and then cars get parked somewhere else so the plan is to drop everything off. DD, DS and I will be there while hubby parks the car.  I'll stay with the stuff while DD and DS start taking it up.  I'm okay going up the stairs but coming down really hurts my ankle so I don't want to do it more than once. 

I'm not sure how long we'll stay after that - not because we don't care or we can't but because I'm not sure how long DD will want us to stay.  I think she just wants to get settled and all that.  I understand.  I don't want to be a clingy, teary mum even though I feel like doing it :)

More Ren Faire pics

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