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23 January 2010

Another day...

I was tempted not to write at all as my life is really...well, uneventful. Spent money today and actually bought nothing for myself. I actually walked away from Barnes and Nobles without buying any books - a miracle in my case. I have too many books, lots that I need to find the time to read. Glad I actually resisted as when I got home I had a couple packages from Ebay. One contained my copy of Laurell K. Hamilton's soon-to-be-released Anita Blake book Flirt. Can't wait to read it.

I did stitch on the dragon today, but still no picture. Too damn lazy to take one actually. Besides it still looks nothing more than a blob of colour. Not sure when I'll get it finished. I thought it would be a quick stitch and it would - if I had all I needed to stitch it. Got started and realised that it calls for some metallic braid of some kind. Sigh. I'll have to dig deep in my stash and see if I can find any substitute.

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