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31 January 2010


I've finished Dragon of Spirit by Dragon Dreams. I had to order the speciality threads and they came really quickly. Can't beat for quick service! I started stitching it again and got it finished!

I've also picked up another piece that I've put down for a while. It's by White Willow Stitching and is called Garden Child. The picture isn't the greatest. I didn't take time to iron out the wrinkles - no point as it's going right back in the q-snap frame again.

I worked on it a little yesterday while I watched my new DVD Waking the Dead Season 4. It's a British crime series - I watch it when I go home sometimes and I love it. I'm going to get a bit more done while I'm watching some of the stuff on the DVR. I worked today - long morning, always is on Sundays. This piece is black and white and there are a lot of colour changes so it's slow going. I'm going to pick out a quick piece to get done so I don't get discourgaed. It helps writing it down and posting pictures so I keep myself motivated.

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