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03 February 2010


I was SO looking forward to having some extra sleep (I usually have Wednesday's off). I get up at 2.45am the days I work so sleeping in to me is about 7-8am. DH is working funky hours this week 7pm to 7am so I figure I'll get lots of sleep in by the time he comes to bed (about 7.30am) and it won't be so bad getting up at that time. I usually lounge around in bed later than I wake up just because on the days I do work I jump right out of bed, get ready and go straight to work.

Around 3am the dog decides he doesn't need to sleep anymore, but does need to itch - continuously. He's DH's dog so apparently he got all his sleep in when DH did and doesn't need to sleep anymore. He's in and out of the bedroom, slamming against a wall close by when he's itching. He's a pretty big dog (black lab). Needless to say I didn't get a lot of sleep.

DH let him out when I got home and I was just getting back to sleep again when DH came to bed. It's now 12pm and the dog is sleeping soundly in bedroom with DH which means he won't be sleeping tonight. Sigh.

Must be a day to vent. I hate insurance companies and medical establishments. My daughter went to the doctors for a check up and to see whether she had scoliosis or not. The inital appointment consisted of a check-up (weight, blood pressure, etc) and some x-rays. Second appointment consisted of someone telling us what the x-rays said and what they meant. Total bill given to us (after insurance) $581!!! WTF! $192 of that the insurance company benefit explanation says we didn't owe. The bill from the hospital said yes we did. Called insurance company who then told us we had to call the clinic. Call the clinic who tell us we have to call the insurance company. Round and round it goes. No wonder we avoid going to the doctors when we can.

I was going to post an update of Garden child, but I really didn't get a lot done so I think I'll hold off until Friday. Posting pics and writing about the piece I'm working on certainly seems to help the motivation going.

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