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12 February 2010


Forty is getting closer and I'm beginning to feel old.

I was listening to the BBC World News in the morning on the radio (I go to work so darn early I get to listen to it for about an hour and a half!)and one of the main stories was that yesterday was the twenty year anniversary since Nelson Mandela had been freed from prison. I remember him being in prison and the stories in England about his plight. I remember the song Free Nelson Mandela. Yikes.

Today I'm listening to the radio on the way to the shops and it's the retro hour - and I RECOGNISE NEARLY EVERY DARN SONG!!!! Yikes! The Eighties are retro hour! It seems like just yesterday the sixties and seventies were considered retro and I was laughing at DH for knowing them.

I would say that soon I'll be getting stuff from the AARP - but I already have! Pretty soon the year I was born - 1970 - will be included on those ads where they say 'If you were born after...".

I think it's just one of those days and I'll feel younger tomorrow....Hopefully...

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