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14 February 2010


I finally did it! The calendar I was talking about finishing for my Mum is finished and in the post. I am SO embarrassed that it's taken so long, but I'm glad it's finished and on its way to her. I guess it's better late than never. I haven't told her that it's on the way - hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise. It just seemed like one thing after another went wrong with it this time. Hopefully it will make it to her. One year it got 'lost' and I had to make another one. The original made it back to me a couple months later.

Watching a show on Animal Planet and going to get some stitching done. Already been to work and come home and trying to stay awake. The show is Werewolves: The Dark Survivors. It's a really interesting faux documentary. I like the idea of Werewolves - probably why I read too much paranormal/urban fantasy genre fiction.

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