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25 February 2010


I'm in a grumpy mood tonight and not really sure why. Work wasn't too bad - same old, same old. It was one of those days when I really thought about quitting. I wasn't really too grumpy when I got home but the grumpiness seems to have grown on me. Probably has something to do with the fact that I have to get up in the morning and DH has three days off, as does DD (tomorrow is mid-winter break at HS) and the boys are on Spring Break from Uni. I'm really tired for some reason.

I didn't do any stitching today or any reading. I looked at the growing piles of books and groan. I love to read and to buy books, but I have waaayyy too many. I can't seem to give any up either. I feel like I'm turning into a hoarder or something. I would really, really like a clean, minimal space but all I seem to have is pile of stuff!

I REALLY need a vacation. I'm just waiting for the plane ticket to come close to the price I want and then I'm booking it. I just want to get away....

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