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20 January 2010

First Post - 20th January 2010

First post of a new blog. It's actually my first blog. I thought it might be interesting to write one. I'm one of those people who always say they're going to start a journal and end up writing for a few days and then it all seems to stop. I seem to spend an awful lot of time on the computer (too much if you ask the family) so maybe this one will stick.

The point of this blog - I'm turning the big 4-0 this year. One hundred and nineteen days until the big day. Should I be running away, screaming, dreading the day or looking forward to it? ~sigh~ Not quite sure yet. Some days I feel like running away from life now.

So, as of today, I am 39, married, 3 kids (20,18,16), full time job, one dog, one cat and hobbies I don't really have time for. I'll probably write about cross stitching (a hobby), reading (something I do to escape life) and life (my uneventful one).

Not sure what I quite expect of this. Not sure what I expect when I hit forty. Turning thirty wasn't too bad. Thirty was the year I finally got my driver's licence. It was THE THING I really wanted to accomplish that year. A goal. I was trying to think of something I wanted to do before I turn forty. A goal. Haven't thought of one yet.

About the driving thing. I didn't have an aversion to driving, I hadn't failed the test again and again or had a bad scare and couldn't bring myself to get in the car again (although there was that one time I was practicing and hit something). It was just something I had never really thought about doing. I grew up in England and came to the states when I married my hubby. I would probably still be riding the bus quite happily if I was in England still.

I'll have to think on that goal for forty. Have to keep in mind I'm almost forty, overweight and don't like the cold at all.

Closing now - above stated cat is bugging to come sit on my lap.


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