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27 January 2010


So Wednesday is one of my days off. My plan was the usual - trip to buy groceries, clean house - then I was going to work on my Mum's calendar.

Understand - this was supposed to be a Christmas gift and it is almost February and I haven't got it done yet. I've been sending her one for years now. As she's in England and I'm in the states she doesn't see my kids too often. So one year (before I worked full time) I decided to start making her this calendar of all the things we got up to during the year. This was a lot easier when the kids were smaller and we did things as a family and went places different seasons of the year. It's not so easy when we're all going every which way and the once-smiling kids ready to have their pictures taken at any opportunity are now surly teenagers who would rather not pose for Mum with her camera. The only one remotely interested in having their picture taken is my teenage daughter (that probably explains why most of the pages have her pic on them).

I gathered together some pictures, have the calendar all ready to go and start to sort out the layout. I don't have enough pictures. I swear I had more but they've all disappeared and I can't find them anywhere. Easy enough to solve - I have more pictures on my new camera and I just bought some picture paper. I print them off, start to work on the layout again and find that I'm smearing something black over the nice white pages. Great. The pictures I've printed off are malting! All of them! I can't use any of them.

Back to the drawing board. I went online, uploaded the pics to an album and Walmart and have to go pick up the pics. If only it would stop snowing so I can go get them.

Can you tell I'm a procrastinator? Perhaps she'll have it by mid-Feb...

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