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25 January 2010


Got a tummy bug :(

Groan...I'm such a wimp. Made it through the day at work and am now in my comfy chair. At some point I have to do the usual housework and I want to go on the treadmill (when the kids are safely off at uni). Somehow I don't relish the thought of them watching their overweight mother huffing and puffing on the treadmill. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. I'd still rather do it in private.

On a side note - how does someone use 1000 text messages in a 3 week period? I feel so old sometimes! My eighteen year old apparently has run out of text messages. I changed the plan over to unlimited. He's got plenty of talk minutes left but no texts (which apparently are more important).

Okay I'm going to try posting a pic of my dragon. Don't expect a lot - still looks like a blob to me. I pulled out my new camera to take a pic. Thinking perhaps learning how to properly use the darn thing might be a good goal. Think I'll check into classes. Maybe...

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