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20 June 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all the Dads (including my DH and FIL).

My Father isn't in my life - hasn't been since I was eleven and he walked out on our family never to be heard from again. For a long time it hurt and shaped my actions for a time when I was a teen. It's been years since I put all the hurt behind me and have moved on. At this point in my life I'm at peace with his absence.

We're not big into gift giving but DH did receive a video game, cake and some instant lottery tickets. He's planning on cooking steaks and baked potatoes. He's the King of the Grill. I have no idea how to get the thing started and being a vegetarian I'm not too big on cooking raw meat.

WHAT WE WATCHED - DH got us hooked on Netflix and I'm the one with the most DVDs in queue. I've had MANOR HOUSE for a couple days and settled down to watch yesterday. DS (18) happened to be in the room. We watched DVD 1 & 2. OMGosh! We laughed so hard. It's not a comedy but the people on there made us laugh. If you don't know what the show is about it's a reality show (aired on PBS - it's set in England) where volunteers become part of a large manor house in the early 1900s. There is a family who becomes THE family - Lord and Lady and several people who become servants down below. The man who becomes the Lord loves it - basically he gets to do lots of nothing except lord over everyone (which he is very good at - arrogant man). The poor servants aren't so happy (they get no time off and work as much as 18 hours hard work a day). One Scullery maid lasts 2 days, the next doesn't last much longer. DS and I thought they's be there weeks with the first one - she was bawling her eyes out - and turned out to be 2 days lol.

I'm not saying I'd do much better. As my DS said there is a reason things changed. I complain about work and the pay, but compared to days gone past I have it pretty good.

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