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18 June 2010


Had an 'extra' day off work today so I thought I'd get a few things done around the house that I've been putting off.

* I cleaned off the front porch (or got a good start on it). It is actually worse than it sounds. It seems the front porch is a catch-all for junk and old shoes. We rarely use the front door so nobody goes on the porch. The front door can't actually open from the outside (don't ask me why - has never worked since we bough the house) so we always use the back. There is a bunch of stuff to be donated to the thrift shop, some stuff to be thrown away on pick-up day (monthly 'extra' trash pick up day in our city)and some stuff to keep. There is actually a dresser on the front porch (nope, not a hillbilly) which needs to go upstairs to my boys' room. Tomorrow we'll be taking care of the stuff out there and the porch will be free to be re-screened.

* Did a really good vacuuming of the living room, pulling out chairs and getting underneath everything. YIKES! That's all I'm going to say. I do vacuum at least every other day but we have a cat, a dog, two teens, two adult men and me.

* Washed the sheets and quilt off our bed. Poor quilt has just about had it. I don't know whether to wrap it up and put it away to save or use it until it falls apart. I know my MIL put a lot of love in it so I'm tempted to put it up.

* Started sorting through some stitching supplies. I came across some pieces I stitched a while ago so I'm going to post them. I also kitted up some 'freebies' and hope to get going on one.

I spent too much time watching the football - SAD that England only got a draw. How bad is that????

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