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22 June 2010

PHEW - what a day!!

After a bad couple days at work I thought today would have to be better. It had to be right? It couldn't be worse. Wrong. Things were going along quite nicely when DA-DA the auditor walks in. Sigh. I am a bookkeeper (I have a fancier title, but it doesn't mean a lot) for a grocery store. It was once a small family owned chain of a few stores, but was taken over by a corporation. Now we have audits. At least once a year all the stores get audited. If you do well you usually only have one a year, if you fail (less than 90% overall) you have to have a re-audit.

Last year we did really well - the third highest in our area, something like 96%. Not so sure this year. The auditor checks EVERYTHING and I mean everything. The majority of the audit consists of cash controls and bookkeeping (my area). As my boss always says, if you pass the cash office you usually pass the rest. Sigh. What pressure. A lot of what the auditor looks at is from the previous month - I was on vacation for 1/2 of it.

There are a lot of nit-picky things that are looked at - I have xs and os depending on whether cashiers are over/short a certain amount, colour co-ordination if they are over/short on lottery, stamps, bottle returns, money orders, coupons etc. Apparently there is a method to this madness. Just when I think I have it figured out they change things - usually without telling you.

ON A GOOD NOTE - today is the only day I've been left alone at work since I got back from my hols. There is nothing like the auditor to make people stay away from you. I don't see the managers for dust when she's around. I suddenly become a leper.

Tomorrow I'll find out how well I did. The things she looked at while I was there seemed okay - she took all lane tracking, cashier audits, customer refunds, bottle slips away with her to look at.

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