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21 June 2010

Happy Summer Solstice!

One of my daily dilemmas (outside of work) is what's for dinner. After about 2pm it's the question my family seems to want to know the answer to. During the week it's my turn to cook. My hubby and I split up the cooking duties - he's gets Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I get the other days. When I went to work full time it was one of the conditions - heck, if I'm outside working as many hours as he is I'm not going to be doing everything at home too.

I like to cook. I used to do a lot of it when I was a SAHM. The thing I hate is trying to figure out what to cook. We're all tired of eating the same old thing over and over again.

NEW CHALLENGE - cook at least one new thing a week. I'm hoping to do more than one, but one is manageable. My DD Rach has volunteered to help me out. Today we cooked Fiesta Taco Bake (we got the recipe from and it turned out to be a WINNER!!! All 3 kids and hubby liked it. We're adding it to THE cookbook.

WATCHING :- True Blood. I have to DVR it as it's after my bedtime. I get up at 2.50am for my job so I have to be in bed early :) GREAT SHOW!! I'm addicted. Loved the books (started reading them way back when) and LOVE the show!

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