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13 April 2011

Another Update...

Spring finally looks as though it has sprung. I LOVE the warmer weather and the chance to have the windows open. I'm trying to decide whether to attempt planting a garden or just support the local small farmers by visiting the local Farmers' market. It makes me sound very nice, but the fact is I don't have a green thumb. I am not so good at growing things. I might just go with the herb garden again. I would love to have Lavender growing again. The plant last year didn't turn out too well.

I've been trying out some new recipes. I'm actually doing pretty well with it. I like the feel of accomplishment when I cook using fresh ingredients. Tonight's new recipe was quick and easy - not lots of fresh veggies though. I did serve fresh vegetables and dip on the side. This one was a recipe from the latest Taste of Home mag. It is one of my favourite magazines as these are tried and true recipes from regular people trying to feed a family.

Easy Chicken Enchiladas

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