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22 April 2011

Friday...oh happy Friday...

Been quite a busy week so this week. Got my permanent crown put on - wish I'd been numbed up for it. Thought I was being brave, but now wish I had caved in and been numbed. The less said the better.

On Tuesday I came home from work and made some Cheese and Onion pasties. They are my favourite thing to eat when I go home. Mum always laughs and asks me if I've had enough as I eat one every other day when I'm home. Can't find anything like them over here. DH and DD being nice decided to make me some a few months back. They were pretty good but I decided to try out a new recipe.


They don't look that appealing but yum, they were good. Family liked them too - added bonus.

I also got LOADS of stuff posted to Ebay. Not sure whether I can post link or not. Anyway - been busy and hopefully posting more next week.

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  1. Hi Sharon, it's Julie and Yes Dear, from StitchinWitches. You cheese and onion pasties look good, and I don't like onions, lol. Of course, I like almost anything fried so that's probably it!! Hope you're having a good day!!!