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16 April 2011

Challenge for Today - BOOKS,BOOKS, BOOKS

Challenge for Today

I want to get rid of 30 books – this can be either donating, or Ebay. I just need to get them off the bookshelves. Not sure how I’ll do. It’s hard to let go of a good story sometimes. Some of the books I haven’t read, but when I pick them up and read the backs they sound really interesting and I can’t let them go. Sigh. I have to be stronger. I am having trouble not buying new books or ordering books from It’s an addiction of mine and while, admittedly, there are worse addictions it is really frustrating when things are piling up. There are books everywhere in our house. It isn’t just me either. I seem to have passed this on to my 17 yr old DD and my 21 yr old DS. Will write more as I go.

So far of the 12 books I’ve easily picked out I have

4 for donation (these are books that have LOTS of copies on and are likely to sit around the house for a whilte)
5 are on
2 I decided I couldn’t let go ot
1 is on

Okay I’m going to keep going.

About thirty minutes later and here’s another update. Just keep moving along. Now I have to find somewhere to keep these books while in ‘transit’.

14 donation
2 hold on to
6 auction/sell unsure as to where

I feel so productive! 35 books! Ya-hoo! I am still going….

Below is the pile after the second update. Also included a pic of one bookcase that is three books deep.

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